Casa Martin

White Gazpacho


A delight for lovers of garlic this traditional Spanish soup is older than the more common red version which of course was not possible until tomatoes were introduced into Europe in the C17th. It is a very rich soup so should be served in small quantities and very very cold.

125g blanched skinned Almonds
2 cloves Garlic chopped
125g day old Bread with no crusts
6 tbsp Olive Oil
2 tbsp wine Vinegar
1l iced Water
Peeled seeded halved White Grapes

In a blender combine the almonds and garlic and process well. Soak the bread in a little water, squeeze out the excess and add to the processor with the vinegar. With the motor running slowly pour in the oil. Pour in as much iced water as necessary until a soupy consistency is achieved. Chill overnight and serve garnished with the grapes.

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